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Theft and Property Crimes

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Crimes involving the damaging or theft of property are unfortunately common in Las Vegas. In order to deter individuals from committing this crime, the state of Nevada usually aggressively prosecutes individuals who are accused of theft or property crimes. If you have been arrested and would like to avoid the severe penalties associated with your alleged offense, consult with a theft and property crimes defense attorney as soon as possible.

Las Vegas Theft Defense in Nevada

If you have been arrested and charged with theft, robbery, vandalism, burglary, possession of stolen property, grand larceny, shoplifting, or any other property crimes offense, you are in need of the expertise of a dedicated and knowledgeable defense Attorney.

Michael Pariente devotedly defends clients in Clark County, Las Vegas, Sunrise Valley, Henderson, and Paradise, who have been charged with a theft or property crime. Call Michael Pariente of Pariente Law Firm, P.C. today at (702) 966-5310 and let he get started on exploring your legal options for defense.

Information Center for Theft and Property Crimes in Nevada

What is Considered Theft in Las Vegas?

Theft crimes are broken down by the Nevada Revised States based on several factors. A breakdown of some of the most common theft crimes in Las Vegas is listed below:

Larceny: Under NRS 205.240, theft or larceny occurs when an individual unlawfully obtains another person’s property that is valued at less than $650. When the value of the stolen property is over $650, the charges are upgraded to grand larceny.

Burglary: According to section 205.060 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, an individual is guilty of burglary if he or she enters into a vehicle, plane, business, dwelling, or building for the purpose of obtaining money or property under false pretenses, committing assault/battery, larceny or grand larceny, or any other felony.

Robbery: NRS 200.380 states that if anyone unlawfully takes the property of another by use of force or violence, he or she is guilty of robbery. If a dangerous weapon is used during the commission of the offense, the charges can be upgraded to aggravated robbery, and the alleged offender can face more severe penalties.

Vandalism and Trespassing Charges in NV

Vandalism, also known as malicious mischief, is the most common property crime in Clark County. According to Chapter 206 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, an individual can be charged with malicious mischief if he or she intentionally damages any dwelling, building, structure, shop, store, vessel, vehicle, or other property.

Trespassing, along with the placement of graffiti on the property of someone can lead to malicious mischief charges. Individuals can also be charged with this offense if they destroy or injure trees, crops, grass, signs, or the livestock/pet of another.

Penalties for Theft and Property Crimes in Clark County

The penalties for theft and property crimes depend on the factors surrounding the incident. Some of these factors include the value of the stolen or damaged property, how the property was obtained, and whether or not a weapon was used during the offense. Based on these factors, individuals can face misdemeanor or felony charges. The potential penalties for theft and property crimes are as follows:

  • Misdemeanor: Up to six months in jail and/or up to a $1,000 fine
  • Category D felony: One to four years in prison, and/or a fine of up to $5,000
  • Category C felony: One to five years behind bars, and/or up to a $10,000 fine
  • Category B felony: One to 20 years of imprisonment, and a potential fine

Aside from the penalties listed above, individuals who are convicted of a theft or property crime in Las Vegas can also be subjected to other penalties such as community service, restitution, and other appropriate penalties. A dedicated criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid these consequences.

Working with an Experienced Theft Lawyer in Las Vegas

Michael Pariente of Pariente Law Firm, P.C. is a former prosecutor who is now focuses exclusively on defending clients who have been charged with crimes in the areas in and around Las Vegas. If you have been accused of committing theft or a property crime, do not hesitate to contact Michael Pariente.

Pariente Law Firm, P.C. serves individual in Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson, Paradise, Boulder City, Sunrise Valley, and the surrounding areas who are facing charges for theft, vandalism, shoplifting, burglary, robbery, and other crimes. Contact Michael Pariente today at (702) 966-5310 and set up your free consultation.

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